Fireplace Glass

Add Beauty to Your Fireplace

Sitting back and watching the fire burn in your fireplace is comforting and relaxing. If you have a fireplace, glass doors are a smart idea to keep ashes, sparks, and embers inside the fireplace. Installing glass doors also cuts down on heating and cooling costs, allowing you to heat your home more efficiently. Plus, glass doors increase home safety by creating a barrier to keep curious children and pets from getting into trouble. 

Visit Us Today

We’re proud to be an authorized dealer for Portland Willamette, who has a full line of doors available in over 25 different finishes. Visit our showroom to see our full display of glass fireplace enclosures and gas logs. We also carry a full line of spark guards, free standing screens, and tool sets from Pilgrim.

If you are considering adding a fireplace to your home, visit us and shop our selection. While you are here, we can discuss the advantages of installing glass doors for your fireplace. 
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