Sneeze Guards

Safety First 

If you work in the food service industry, you understand the importance of cleanliness. When food is displayed in a buffet line or serving station, contamination is an important consideration. Without a barrier, germs can contaminate the items you are selling and/or serving.

From restaurants and grocery stores to cafeterias and concession stands, you must find an effective way to keep germs and airborne containments away from the food. That’s where sneeze guards come in. 

An Easy Solution 

Sneeze guards come in all sizes, styles, and colors, and they are easy to assemble. Plus, they are easy to transport and still allow people to see the contents on display. Browse our selection and easily add the panels to your existing buffet stations. If you work at a restaurant, cafeteria, dining hall, catering company, or other food service company, contact us to learn more about the benefits of purchasing sneeze guards for your business. 
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