Woodstove Glass

Selecting Glass

Selecting the right woodstove glass is important in order to prevent breakage from heat. The wrong material can crack or shatter into pieces. You have two options to consider: tempered and ceramic glass. 

Tempered glass is effective when the temperature will not exceed 470 degrees, while ceramic glass can withstand exposure to long-term temperatures up to 1256 degrees and short-term temperatures up to 1470 degrees. When considering the correct material for your woodstove, think about safety first. If you are unsure, we’re happy to share our professional recommendation with you. 

Pyroceram Glass

Amthor Glass is WNY’s premier supplier of Pyroceram glass. If you need glass for your woodstove, contact us today. We can have most pyro orders ready the same day. If you don’t live in the WNY area, we’ll ship it to you (standard USPS postage rates apply). If you have additional questions for us, give us a call. 
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